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Classes + Pricing

5 Pack


expiration: 40 days

Monthly 10


expiration: 40 days

10 Pack


expiration: 3 months

Monthly 15


expiration: 40 days

15 Pack


expiration: 3 months

20 Pack


expiration: 4 months

Monthly 20


expiration: 40 days

Private Sessions

New Client
Introductory package

Whether you're new to the area or new to pilates, we've got you covered! The introductory package includes

3 private sessions + 5 group classes

expiration: 40 days

Reformer 1

Gentle, beginner class

Reformer 1 + Stretch

Gentle, beginner class that incorporates a lot of stretching

Reformer 2

Intermediate class with little modifications

Reformer 3

Advanced class with no modifications.  *Must be very familiar with reformer Pilates

Mixed Machine Combo

Intermediate/Advanced class that incorporates different machines, including reformer, chair, tower, mat, and spine corrector.  This class is a great way to switch things up!

Cardio Barre

Ballet inspired workout to music that incorporates cardio


One on one, customized workout designed specifically for your goals and needs! Click here to book a private session

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