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Our Method

Studio Form welcomes all ages and abilities.

It's important to us that everyone who walks through the studio door feels comfortable and safe.  Each instructor has meticulously designed each class for a group environment to feel as individualized as possible, and strive to keep the studio a judgement free zone.  Whether you're looking for a change up in your workout routine, or simply need a mental escape for the hustle and bustle of day to day life, STUDIO FORM is the place for you! 

Client testimonials of Studio Form Pilates
"Wonderful studio. Talented, friendly staff. Accommodating owner. Everyone tries to make this a productive happy experience." - Diana C

Meet your Instructors

Rachel Fisher, Pilates Instructor
Kerry Nollsch, Pilates Instructor
Beth Shrum, Pilates Instructor
Rebecca Ward, Pilates and Barre Instructor
Shannon Yanazzo, Pilates Instructor
Jessica Mcgrath
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