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Beth Shrum

Elizabeth Shrum

Pilates Instructor


movement mechanics & awareness, inhibition patterns, free & happy joint mobility


Developed Full Circle Pilates training    mat and apparatus certification programs  


Certified in P-DTR    (Proprioceptive Deep Tendon Reflex) beginning and intermediate levels, trained in advanced. 2015-2016


Rygcenter Chiropractic Herning    (Denmark) Full Circle Pilates training instructor, Pilates mat and fundamentals, reformer and half trap levels 1 and 2. 2014 and 2016


Nordic Institute for Chiropractic and Clinical Biomechanics    (Denmark) Full Circle Pilates training instructor, Pilates Mat and intro to apparatus, 2017


CoreAlign Training    Tammy Bigley, Ascent Physical Therapy

Why I teach

Ballet at a young age into a professional career inspired me to learn more about Pilates after learning about the multitude of benefits it can offer. I was offered a taste of the Pilates reformer work while attending the University of Utah’s ballet department in 1999. Having sustained multiple injuries from dancing, Pilates became a rehabilitative form of movement. I taught at former Julian Littleford’s JL Body Conditioning in Del Mar, Ca while dancing with City Ballet of San Diego and trained in Encinitas, Ca with Synergy Systems under Kathleen Murakami. I certified in 2001 in Pilates mat and in 2003 in all Pilates apparatus through Marie Jose Bloom Lawrence’s Long Beach Dance Conditioning Pilates program taught by Ms. Murakami. I continued to pursue Pilates and opened my own studio in Flagstaff, Az in 2003. During that time I trained in multiple bodywork modalities including visceral and cranial through the Barral institute with my dear friend and mentor Tim Williams. In 2010, I moved back home to the Sierra Nevadas, and started teaching with K2 Pilates, and have accomplished more educational endeavors along the way!

Request a Private Session

Please text me directly to schedule a private session!

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