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Jessica Mcgrath

Jessica Mcgrath

Pilates + Barre Instructor


full body alignment, myofascial pain relief, rehabilitation


Pilates + Massage    Center of Balance with Tom McCook

                                Balanced Body (comprehensive Pilates training)

                                Full Circle Pilates (Mat Pilates training)


Barre Training    Barre Above

Why I teach

I initially got into Pilates after a back injury in 2004, and at that time was working as a PT Aide and Massage Therapist.  Once I moved down to Gardnerville in 2010, I began my Pilates career at K2 and never looked back! Over the span of my career, I have specialized in working with traumatic brain injuries, wounded veterans, and first responders, professional athletes, pre/post op, pro-golfers and every ‘body’ in between.

Request a Private Session

Please text me directly to schedule a private session!

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